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Issues we have?

Leftover soviet mentality.
People are unable to resolve larger scale issues by themselves.

Corrupt governmental system.
We’ve got no hope in government to resolve our issues.

Lack of public forum. There`s no accesible place for active citizens to accumulate their efforts.

How to solve these issues?

Create a social project realization platform in Odessa.

9987 users have registered on our website.

The Concept

Main Idea
  1. Odessa citizens come up with social project ideas.
  2. Other citizens are willing to fund some of these projects.
  3. And others offer their help in bringing these projects to life.
Non Profit
Only Social
Non Political


We want to bring together active citizens who are ready to improve Odessa.

We want to show them that they are not alone.

We want to inspire other citizens by their example.

"Moy Gorod" Projects


One of the city's main problems are homeless animals. GladPet works on solving this problem by coordinating volunteers, shelters and organizations that help and protect animals.

Website (in russian) —


4City is a new urban space, a restaurant and a coworking workspace which gives away 70% of its profits to fund urban projects in Odessa. 4City is a classic example of crowdfunding as 300 enthusiasts and visionaries invested money to launch this city-changing project.

Website (in russian) —


Odessa.Pub project is an online media hub for positive news and inspirational stories. The goal of Odessa.Pub is to create an information platform, which will show how the city can be improved using already working examples.

Website (in russian) —

This is a charity project with one goal — help deliver clothes, shoes, toys and other necessary things to those who cannot afford them. People who wish to help by donating these things or by delivering them to shelters can use the website to coordinate their efforts.

Website (in russian) —

We help implement social city projects

Сitizen's Projects

3D models for visually impaired people

Famous buildings and monuments of Odessa are recreated with 3D-printing technology to give people with impaired vision an opportunity to “see” the city they live in.

Bioethics lessons

A program is aimed at teaching children to take care of animals and nurturing kindness and responsibility for surrounding life.


IT2School is a community of IT professionals and educators, with more than 50 members in Odessa and the region.
IT2School teaches children programming skills and advanced technologies by using CodeClubUA programs. These courses are free for all attending children.

Astronomy education for children

Astronomy classes will help children learn the basics of how our universe works, as well as mathematics and public speaking. Children will also start working on scientific projects with actual astronomers.

Museum for Change

Saving Odessa museum.
The main goal of Museum for Change is to save and to restore Odessa Art Museum paintings.

Cat houses

Homeless animals struggle during winter. They have to look for water, food and warm shelter. To help street animals survive the winter volunteers install small insulated booth houses.

Cards for proper parking

The main goal is to encourage Odessa residents and guests to be more considerate toward each other. Project aims to achieve this goal through nurturing a caring and responsible attitude to the city, to each other and even to ourselves. Parking cards politely inform the drivers that they have parked in an improper spot.

Waste sorting school

The project solves the problem of waste sorting culture in Odessa. It not only popularizes the idea of waste sorting, but it also explains how to sort, provides specific knowledge, necessary information and even practical training.


Postcrossing is an opportunity to share not only your culture, but also learn a new story with a small postcard.

Plastic Waste Recycling Workshop

Plastic Waste Recycling Workshop is an educational and production workshop for processing plastic waste in Odessa. The project is based on the idea of engineer-innovator Dave Hackens, who developed the equipment and published his drawings with instructions.

#MiRONAFT — FabLab for everyone

Mironaft is free technical coworking where everyone can work on their own project: collect robots, work with 3D printers atc. The lab needs to buy two units of equipment: CNC laser and CNC milling machine to get the international Fab Lab status.

We are Odessites who really care

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We want to make Odessa the greatest Ukrainian city.