social projects

Spreading ideas

Uniting teams

Encouraging volunteers

Issues we have?

Leftover soviet mentality.
People are unable to resolve larger scale issues by themselves.

Corrupt governmental system.
We’ve got no hope in government to resolve our issues.

Lack of public forum. There`s no accesible place for active citizens to accumulate their efforts.

How to solve these issues?

Create a social project realization platform in Odessa.

The Concept

Main Idea
  1. Odessa citizens come up with social project ideas.
  2. Other citizens are willing to fund some of these projects.
  3. And others offer their help in bringing these projects to life.
Non Profit
Only Social
Non Political


We want to bring together active citizens who are ready to improve Odessa.

We want to show them that they are not alone.

We want to inspire other citizens by their example.

Our Projects

Solution to problem of homeless animals

We expect to partially solve the problem of stray pets by coordinating volunteers, shelters, and websites that help find lost pets and place shelter animals with new owners.

The website coordinates volunteers ready to come, collect, and deliver donated clothing to charity funds, and you can volunteer yourself.

Street pianos

A simple project aimed at putting pianos in public places where anybody will be able to play them.

Urban art telecommunication cabinets

To make our city even more beautiful and citizen-friendly.

3D models

Most notable Odessa buildings and monuments recreated with 3D-printing technology to give the blind people an opportunity to “see” the city they live in.

Bioethics lessons

A program aimed on teaching children to take care of animals and nurturing kindness and responsibility for surrounding life.

We help implement social city projects

Tourist promo video for Odessa

Nearly every well-known city around the world has an official trailer showcasting its attractions. We think Odessa should have one, too.

"Do not litter" signs at local beaches

To reduce littering by attaining educational goals.

Attract foreign grants for urban projects

We’ll gather a team of specialists who will bridge the gap between international funds and Odessa social projects.

"My city without garbage"

We help citizens get involved in clearing up their parks, streets, squares, beaches etc.

Saving Odessa museum

Help buying a microscope, paint, brushes, reactives etc. to save and restore Odessa most famous paintings.

Pet waste cleaning

An aggresive campaign aimed on installing special waste boxes and convincing pet owners to clean up after their animal friends.

We are Odessites who really care

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We want to make Odessa the greatest Ukrainian city.